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2017 04-13
Japanese Solar Plant Lot 1 was successfully delivered

At the beginning of April, 2017, the Japanese Solar Plant Lot 1 was successfully delivered.   To ensure the millstone completion, our factory overcomes difficulties, made advanced plan and fabricated in scientific way. The successful delivery of those g...

2017 02-28
The Current Situation of Steel Structure Construction All Over the World

Recently, steel structure construction develops rapidly in height, span, length and any other fields. Over the years, the constructions of high-rising buildings, radio and television towers, and stadiums keep sharp competition worldwide, then creates more and ...

2017 02-23
The Trait of Steel Structure Warehouse

Earthquake Resistance Most roofs of steel structure warehouses are pitched roofs, so the structure of roofs is basically triangular roof truss system, which is obtained by cold bending steel components.Those light steel structural components combine with stru...

2016 05-10
Jinan West Railway Station

Jinan west railway station is the national key project. Total construction area is 100,000 square meters.There are 3 layers on the ground while 2 layers underground. This station is 210 meters long, 59 meters wide and 25.8 meters high. And this build...

2016 03-01
Xinlai's Recent Achievements-01

Taigu Healthcare City 330,000 square meters of healthcare city is built in Taigu county of Shanxi Province.  As a department for old-age people, thi...

2016 03-01
Steel Structures - Production Line

Abundant Raw Materials Support Xinlai Co., Ltd. is invested by Shandong Steel Group, whose steel output was more than 34 million tons in 2013.The main products of Shandong Steel Group are steel plates, coils, steel sections etc. Therefore, it is critical fo...

2016 04-19
Tianjin Binhai Cultural Center

 This cultural center is situated in the center business district (CBD) of Tianjin, which includes a library, performing arts center, public activity center, modern cities and industries center, and modern art gallery, total five parts. The cent...

2016 03-01
The Design Characteristics of the National Stadium

The National Stadium in China, as the national landmark and Olympic games stadium, its structural characteristics are remarkable. For example, fireproof capacity is top-level, the seismic resistant level is 8-degree, the waterproof degree of underground projec...

2015 11-10
The Pilot Project of the Steel Structures

Under the state council executive meeting, it is pointed out that China will carry out a pilot project to promote the application of the steel structures in construction field, and improve the using ratio of the steel structures in public and financial constru...

2015 09-18
Steel Structures Expect to Open Trillions Yuan Green Construction Market

  According to the plan, urban green construction in China will account for 50% of all new constructions in 2020, then they are expected to open trillions yuan green market scales.The development of integrated construction, information management of ar...

2015 09-06
Steel Structure Construction Drives Steel Industry Transformation

In the first half year of 2015, the main business of Chinese domestic steel enterprises losses severely. The relevant data show that the sales revenue of large and medium-sized steel enterprises decreases in the first six months as well. The goal of steel indu...

2015 08-27
The Value of Steel Structural Residence can be Recognized.

America, is part of the earliest countries and areas adapt steel structure to construct residential buildings.According to the comprehensive considerations about economy, safety performance(seismic resistance and fireproof), as well as the durable capacity, mo...

2015 08-26
The most top full-steel structure building is completed in China

On August 25th,2015, with the completion of accurate position, installation and welding work of a 53.8 tons steel columns, it marked the most uppermost full-steel structure super high-rising building – Hanjing Financial Center has been finished. This ...

2015 08-20
Steel Structure Building - Willis Tower

Willis Tower, also named Willis Building, which is a skyscraper and located in Chicago, United States.Willis Tower was the most top building in North American, then was replaced by the International Trade Center from Nov.12th, 2013. Willis Tower is 443 mete...

2015 08-18
Steel Structure Building – Lu Pu Bridge in Shanghai

Lu Pu Bridge in Shanghai is the second longest steel structure arch bridge in the world. It is also the first bridge which uses welded procedure to connect totally (except the fold interface uses bolted technology). The length of welded seam at the site is up ...

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