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The Design Characteristics of the National Stadium

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The National Stadium in China, as the national landmark and Olympic games stadium, its structural characteristics are remarkable. For example, fireproof capacity is top-level, the seismic resistant level is 8-degree, the waterproof degree of underground project is superior grade as well.Therefore, durable years of this stadium will be 100 years.

Basic materials
The national stadium is also called Birds Nest because of its appearance. The configuration of Birds Nest is composed of portal frame, and there are 24 columns of truss. The roof shape of this stadium is saddle, the long axis is 332.3 meters, while the short part is 296.4 meters.In this situation, the peak height is 68.5 meters, and the lowest point is 43.8 simultaneously.
In the premise of keeping its architecture style, architects made several adjustments to the design scheme in order to optimize the structure layout, section type, material utilization and other problems maximumly. The openable roof in the original scheme is set aside, and significantly decrease the utilization of steel through steel structure optimization.The large span roof is supported above these 24 truss columns, and distance of each column is 37.96 meters. In order to avoid there exists sophisticated node, since the design of the main trusses is radial, few main trusses are cut around the inner circle. Steel structures adapt box components which are made by welding plates, with crossed the main trusses and cubic roof structure together to form the unique construction modelling of Birds Nest.

The application of steel structures with grade Q460

Most noteworthy is the steel structure with grade Q460, except the innovative design.Q460 is a type of high strength and low alloy steel, and it cannot suffer plastic transformation until its force strength is up to 460 Mpa.Since this strength is higher than normal steel, it is too difficult to manufacture. This is the first time to use steel structures with grade Q460 in the history of Chinese construction structure.In addition, the thickness of steel plate used to build National Stadium is 110mm, which is the one and only one type because the maximum thickness of Q460 in GB standard is just 100mm. This kind of steel is necessary to import from Luxembourg, South Korea and Japan previously. In the sake of providing suitable Q460 for Birds Nest, through long time scientific problem tracking, 400 tons of Q460 steel structures with independent innovation and intellectual property give Birds Nest sufficient raw material support.

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